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We Are Abacus Consultancy

We are the main distributor in Europe for Dimension Stone Granite and Marble products from Nigeria. Granite is a natural material which is both beautiful and hardwearing. It is an igneous rock which forms as a result of the slow crystallisation of molten magma beneath the earth’s crust. It is composed primarily of quartz, feldspar and mica and the different chemistry of the minerals gives each granite it’s distinct colour and pattern.

This product is used worldwide for both internal and external structures and decorations.Kitches, bathrooms, and wall tiles are common places where you will find these marvellous medium been utlised.

Processing Dimension Stones

  • 1 - At Abacus we specialise in the sourcing and distribution of quality stone products from manufacturers.
  • 2 - Our distribution network span over 5 years and we guarantee our clients of maximum satisfaction.
  • 3 - Our stone products can come in the form of:
    1.   3.1. Kitchen work tops
    2.   3.2. Bathroom countertops
    3.   3.3. Floor and Wall Tiles
    4.   3.4. Paving stones
    5.   3.5. Granite Blocks
  • 4 - Our products come in different dimensions and sizes as per our customers’ order
  • 5 - We aim to satisfy our customers in terms of price, quality and delivery times.
  • 6 - All our products underwent rigorous quality tests in the laboratories prior to production.
  • 7 - Our aim is to harness the beautiful and vast natural stone resources Nigeria has been endowed with and provide the much-needed variety of choice to our customers
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Latest Granite Samples

We primarily source from three regions in Nigeria - Abuja, Sokoto and Osogbo. Each rock from these three locations are very distinct with characteristics that are so unique you can find them anywhere else. This give us a wide variety we can source from. Thus enabling bespoke specification to be available.

amazing caves coverimage

Stones From Nasarawa

Stones from this location are essentially Granite. Their crystal arrangement give them a unique cellular structure which can be seen on thier polished surface

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amazing caves coverimage

Stones From Ondo

Stones from this location are the ones that become marbles. While predominantly known for being white, marbles are also available in greens, greys and blacks,

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amazing caves coverimage

Stones From Kogi

Stones from this location are essentially Granite. Granite is traditionally more prevalent as material for kitchen counter tops than marble. This preference though is rather personal

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Current Surface And Texture Schemes

Here you will find our current and available surface and texture type you can readily choose from. Important to state that this list is frequently updated. So, in case you do not find what you are looking for do contact us

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